A 3.6 kb gene with homology to the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) gene family has been isolated from genomic libraries of Members of this gene family include both membrane transport proteins which confer a drug-resistance phenotype, and proteins whose functions are associated with protein translation. (Elongation Like Factor) showed greatest homology with a ORF (YPL226W), whose function is unknown, and lower homology with fungal elongation factor 3 (EF-3) genes. In comparison, homology with a gene conferring a drug-resistant phenotype was low. To understand the function of in , gene-knockout experiments were conducted using the disruption cassette. Both single-copy (heterozygote) and double-disrupted strains in were isolated. Phenotypically, the disrupted strains grew more slowly than wild-type and produced a mixture of large, irregular cells and apparently normal cells.


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