The enantioselective reduction of racemic sulfoxides by dimethyl sulfoxide reductases from and was investigated. Purified dimethyl sulfoxide reductase from catalysed the selective removal of -methyl -tolyl sulfoxide from a racemic mixture of methyl -tolyl sulfoxide and resulted in an 88% recovery of enantiomerically pure -methyl -tolyl sulfoxide. was shown to be able to grow photoheterotrophically in the presence of certain chiral sulfoxides under conditions where a sulfoxide is needed as an electron sink. Whole cells of were shown to catalyse the enantioselective reduction of methyl -tolyl sulfoxide, ethyl 2-pyridyl sulfoxide, methylthiomethyl methyl sulfoxide and methoxymethyl phenyl sulfoxide. Similarly, whole cells of and reduced these sulfoxides but with opposite enantioselectivity.


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