I- and physical maps of the A449 chromosome were constructed using PFGE. The circular chromosome of A449 was estimated to be 4658.30 kb. The approximate location of several genes, including those encoding proteins implicated in virulence, were identified. The map showed that the known virulence-factor-encoding genes were not clustered. The I- genomic digestion fingerprints of several typical and atypical strains of A. salmonicida were compared. The results confirmed the homogeneity of typical strains, which provided further support for the clonality of the population structure of this group. Extensive diversity was observed in the I- digestion fingerprint of atypical strains, although a clonality was observed in the strains isolated from diseased goldfish. The results suggest that comparison of I- digestion fingerprints could be used as a powerful taxonomic tool to subdivide the atypical strains and also help clarify some of the current confusion associated with the taxonomy of the genus .


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