Most strains express lipo-oligosaccharides. Some strains also express lipopolysaccharides (LPS), with O-antigen-like carbohydrate repeats. 81116 expresses an LPS containing both lipo-oligosaccharides and O-antigen-like repeats, but nothing is known about the structure or sugar composition of these LPS species. A cosmid library of the genome of C. 81116 was constructed and probed with genes involved in LPS synthesis. Five cosmids hybridized with the probe and two of these expressed C. 81116 LPS in . By subcloning, a 16 kb DNA region was identified which contains the genetic information required to express C. LPS. DNA sequence analysis revealed 11 ORFs homologous to genes involved in LPS synthesis of other bacteria. They consisted of three homologues of sugar biosynthesis genes, two homologues of transport genes and six homologues of sugar transferases.


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