Amino acid sequences of two of the three bacteriocins from TA33a were determined and their sequence-structure relationships investigated. Leucocin B-TA33a consists of 31 amino acid residues, with a molecular mass of 3466 Da. Leucocin B-TA33a does not belong to the pediocin family of bacteriocins, but shares 62% homology with mesenterocin 52B. A partial sequence of 36 amino acids of leucocin C-TA33a (4598 Da) was determined. Leucocin C-TA33a belongs to the class II bacteriocins having the consensus YGNGV motif. The third bacteriocin, leucocin A-TA33a, is identical to leucocin A-UAL 187. Circular dichroism spectra of the leucocins in aqueous solution and micellar SDS indicated that they undergo a structural transition when in a membrane-mimicking environment. Theoretical predictions from circular dichroism data suggest that leucocins A-, B- and C-TA33a adopt a β-structure (48%) in membrane-mimicking environments. Sequence alignments and secondary structure predictions for the N-terminus of leucocins A- and C-TA33a predicted that Cys-9 and Cys-14 are connected by a disulfide bridge and form two β-strands.


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