A physical map of the chromosome of PSU-1 was constructed. This represents the first map for a strain of this species. A total of 37 restriction sites for the rare-cutting endonucleases l, l, l and l were mapped on the chromosome, which was found to be circular with an estimated size of 1857 kb. Fragment order was determined using several approaches: analysis of partial and double digestions, two-dimensional pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, isolation of linking clones, and Southern hybridization with labelled restriction fragments both from PSU-1 and from strain GM. Oenococcal genes and , two phage attachment sites and recurrent sequences such as IS -like elements and loci were located on the physical map. Specific fragments hybridizing with gene probes from and were also identified. The two ribosomal operons have been precisely located and their transcription direction determined.


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