has three genes encoding chitin synthase enzymes. In wild-type strains, the expression of and peaked 1-2 h after the induction of hyphal growth, whilst mRNA levels in a non-germinative strain, CA2, remained low under the same conditions. gene expression did not peak during germ tube formation but remained at low levels in both yeast and hyphal growth. The pattern of gene expression did not predict the changes in measured chitin synthase activities or changes in chitin content during dimorphic transition. Chitin synthase activity increased steadily, and did not peak shortly after germ tube induction, and activity profiles were similar in germ-tube-competent and germ-tube-negative strains. The phenotype of a Δ null mutant suggested that encoded the major enzyme activity and was largely responsible for elevated chitin synthase activities in microsomal preparations from hyphal cells compared to yeast cells. However, CaChs3p was responsible for synthesis of most chitin in both yeast and hyphae. Three independent chitin assays gave markedly different estimates of the relative chitin content of yeast and hyphae and wild-type and mutants. Only one of the methods gave a significantly higher chitin content for hyphal compared to yeast cell walls and a lower chitin content for hyphae of the Δ null mutant compared to the parental strain.


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