SUMMARY: Biof ilm bacteria Enterobecter agglomerans 53b and Serratia marcescens Serr were isolated from a food processing factory. A bacteriophage (SF153b), which could infect and lyse strain 53b, was isolated from sewage. This has been shown to possess a polysaccharide depolymerase enzyme specific for the exopolysaccharide (EPS) of strain 53b. Using batch culture and chemostat-linked Modified Robbins Device systems it was observed that SF1 53b could degrade the EPS of a mono-species biofilm (strain 53b) and infect the cells. The disruption of the biofilm by phage was a combination of EPS degradation by the depolymerase and infection and subsequent cell lysis by the phage. Strain Serr biofilms were not susceptible to the phage and the biofilm EPS was not degraded by the phage glycanase, with the result that the biofilm was unaffected by the addition of SF153b phage. Scanning electron microscopy confirmed that specific phage could extensively degrade susceptible biofilms and continue to infect biofilm bacteria whilst EPS degradation was occurring.


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