SUMMARY: Two linear plasmids (pPR1, 27.5 kb, and pPR2, 16 kb) were identified in Planobispora msea, an actinomycete that produces the antibiotic GE2270, an inhibitor of the elongation factor Tu. Strains lacking both plasmids still produce and are resistant to GE2270. The two plasmids share an internal region of high similarity, but no cross-hybridization was detected between their telomeric regions or between plasmid and chromosomal DNA. The 5‵ ends of the plasmids appear to be linked to terminal proteins. The telomeric regions of pPR2 were cloned after 3‵-end homopolymer tailing and PCR amplification. The approximately 650 nt telomeric DNA sequences of pPR2 are repeated in inverted orientation and are rich in direct and inverted repeats; the 350 bp terminal region is less G+C-rich than the rest of the plasmid. The structural organization of these plasmids appears to be similar to Streptomyces linear rep1icons.


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