Summary: AM1 is a facultative methylotroph that oxidizes methanol via the pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ)-linked enzyme methanol dehydrogenase. In AM1 and other PQQ-synthesizing bacteria, several genes are involved in the synthesis of PQQ and one of these, , has been proposed to encode a peptide precursor of PQQ. In other PQQ-synthesizing bacteria, is required for PQQ production. In this study, it is shown that both deletion and insertion mutants of in AM1 grow normally on methanol and produce PQQ. The level of PQQ production is reduced in the insertion mutant, but it is sufficient to allow normal growth on methanol. These results suggest either that a different peptide in AM1 can substitute for PqqA in mutants, or that PqqA-like peptides may not be obligatory precursors of PQQ. In addition, it is shown that the methanol oxidation transcriptional regulator gene, , is required for normal methanol induction of PQQ synthesis.


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