Summary: The genes for adenosine-5′-phosphosulfate (APS) reductase, , and sirohaem sulfite reductase, , from the sulfur-oxidizing phototrophic bacterium strain D (DSMZ 180) were cloned and sequenced. Statistically significant sequence similarities and similar physicochemical properties suggest that the and gene products from . vinosum are true homologues of their counterparts from the sulfate-reducing chemotrophic archaeon and the sulfate-reducing chemotrophic bacterium . Evidence for the proposed duplication of a common ancestor of the genes is provided. Phylogenetic analyses revealed a greater evolutionary distance between the enzymes from and than between those from and . The data reported in this study are most consistent with the concept of common ancestral protogenotic genes both for dissimilatory sirohaem sulfite reductases and for APS reductases. The gene was demonstrated to be a suitable DNA probe for the identification of genes from organisms of different phylogenetic positions. PCR primers and conditions for the amplification of homologous regions are described.


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