Summary: In the framework of the international project aimed at the sequencing of the genome, five DNA fragments in the region between (275° and (284°) were cloned by inverse and combinatorial long-range PCR and their nucleotide sequences were determined and analysed. Together these sequences constituted a contig of 62229 bp. On the basis of the position of I and I restriction sites, the orientation and order of known genetic markers was determined to be (284°) - (275°). Fifty-four ORFs were detected. Thirteen of these coincided with known genes, and 41 new ORFs were found. Of the predicted new gene products, 12 showed no significant similarity to other known proteins, whereas ten showed strong similarity to proteins of other organisms with unknown function. Nineteen predicted proteins showed strong similarity to known proteins of other organisms, for instance a Na/H antiporter system of , a sugar transport system found in , NADH-dependent butanol dehydrogenase of , glucose-6-phosphate isomerase A of , exo-1,4-α-glucosidase activity of and L-rhamnose isomerase of


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