Summary: Three monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), S4D1, S3B3 and S1E5, were produced from hybridoma cell limes raised from mice immunized with hyphal walls of and one (Pax-1) from mice immunized with hyphal walls of In immunofluorescence studies, the three mAbs recognized epitopes with different patterns of distribution at the hyphal surface of S4D1 recognized an epitope which was present on the surface of both conidia and hyphae; S3B3 recognized an epitope seen only at the ends of conidia or in the septal region of hyphae and conidial chains; and S1E5 recognized an epitope present on the surface of hyphae, but not on mature conidia. mAb Pax-1 reacted with hyphal wall fragments of and with conidia in a similar way to S3B3. S4D1 reacted with an epitope found in 1,3-α-glucan preparations from hyphal walls of different fungi. The surface distribution of this epitope varied: it was found of the surface of both conidia and hyphae of and on the basidiospore surface only of and on the hyphae but not the conidia of Immunogold studies revealed tha the epitope was present throughout the wall of conidia and hyphae of mAbs S3B3, S1E5 and Pax-1 also reacted with other fungi: for example Pax-1 cross-reacted with all fungi tested except for a member of the Zygomycota. Immunogold studies revealed that epitopes of these three mAbs were present within the inner layers of the walls of conidia and hyphae of


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