The organization of genes involved in utilization of methylamine ( genes) was studied in the obligate methylotroph KT. Nine open reading frames were identified as corresponding to the genes In addition, an open reading frame (-1) encoding a polypeptide with unknown function was identified upstream of the gene cluster. Subclones of the KT gene cluster were used for complementation of a series of chemically induced mau mutants of KT. Mutants in and were identified. Two mutants ( and ) were not complemented by the known genes. Since none of the chemically induced mutants studied had a defect in -1 or insertion mutants in these genes were constructed. Phenotypically the mutants fell into three groups. The and mutants do not grow on methylamine as a source of carbon and lack methylamine dehydrogenase activity, but they synthesize both the large and the small subunit polypeptides albeit at different ratios. The and mutants do not grow on methylamine as a source of carbon, and lack both methylamine dehydrogenase activity and the methylamine dehydrogenase subunits. The and mutants grow on methylamine as a source of carbon and synthesize wild-type levels of methylamine dehydrogenase. It has been shown earlier that the product of the gene is not required for synthesis of active methylamine dehydrogenase in AM1 and However, MauM is required for synthesis of functional methylamine dehydrogenase in ‘


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