Five genes are thought to be required for transcription of methanol oxidation genes in strains. These putative regulatory genes include which encode a putative sensor-regulator pair, and and whose functions are less well-understood. In this study, in AM1 were shown to be required for expression of a transcriptional fusion to the structural gene for the large subunit of methanol dehydrogenase (), confirming the role of these genes in transcriptional regulation of The nucleotide sequence suggests that encodes a histidiine protein kinase with two transmembrane domains and that encodes a DNA-binding response regulator. A transcriptional fusion to the putative promoter showed low-level expression in wild-type cells grown on one-carbon (C) compounds and no detectable expression in cells grown on succinate. Deletion analysis of this promoter construct showed that the region 229-129 bp upstream of the start of is required for expression. The expression of the fusion was examined in each of the five known regulatory mutant classes. expression was reduced to non-detectable levels in and mutants, but was not affected in the other regulatory mutants or in non-regulatory mutants defective in methanol oxidation. These results suggest a regulatory hierarchy in which the sensor-regulator pair MxcQE control expression of the sensor-regulator pair MxbDM, and MxbDM in turn control expression of a number of genes involved in methanol oxidation.


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