The salt tolerance of the respiratory yeast and the fermentative yeast have been compared in glucose media. showed a better adaptation to Na and Li and maintained higher intracellular K+:Na and K:Li ratios than However, showed a poorer adaptation to osmotic stress (produced by KCI and sorbitol) and exhibited reduced glycerol production as compared to In media with the non-repressing sugar galactose as carbon source, exhibited reduced glycerol production and increased sensitivity to osmotic stress. Under these conditions, but not utilized trehalose as a more important osmolyte than glycerol. These results suggest that the relative tolerance of yeast to the osmotic and cation toxicities of NaCl, and the underlying relative capabilities for osmolyte synthesis and cation transport, are modulated by the general catabolite control exerted by glucose.

Keyword(s): glycerol , salt stress , sodium , trehalose and yeast

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