The locus was defined by mutations that render sporulation alkaline phosphatase formation independent of s and s without affecting the temporal control of formation. The locus has been cloned and sequenced. The deduced polypeptide is 232 amino acids long, with a molecular mass of 26 kDa. It is very similar to four sequences in the database, none of which has a known function. Analysis of the transcription of indicates that it is induced during late exponential phase, and that maximum expression is reached during the first hour of stationary phase, both under sporulation and non-sporulation conditions. The defining mutations of the locus, and have been sequenced and found to contain the same change, a G → A transition resulting in an Ala Thr switch. This mutation apparently results in a gain-of-function, as null mutants are indistinguishable from strains in terms of their APase production during sporulation.


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