The broad-host-range, heat-tolerant strain BR816 produces sulphated Nod metabolites. Two ORFs highly homologous to the genes were isolated and sequenced. It was found that sp. BR816 contained two copies of these genes; one copy was localized on the symbiotic plasmid, the other on the megaplasmid. Both nodP genes were interrupted by insertion of antibiotic resistance cassettes, thus constructing a double mutant strain. However, no detectable differences in Nod factor TILC profile from this mutant were observed as compared to the wild-type strain. Additionally, plant inoculation experiments did not reveal differences between the mutant strain and the wild-type. It is proposed that a third, functionally homologous locus complements mutations in the Nod factor sulphation genes. Southern blot analysis suggested that this locus contains genes necessary for the sulphation of amino acids.


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