The complete nucleotide sequence of øO1205, a temperate bacteriophage infecting strain CNRZ1205, was determined. The phage genome has a unit length of 43075 bp and appears to be packaged by the so-called headful mechanism. The genomic organization and structure of øO1205 resemble those of several temperate lactococcal phages that display a life-cycle-specific organization, where ORFs believed to be involved in the lysogenic life-cycle are clustered and arranged in an orientation opposite to the ORFs supposedly involved in the lytic life-cycle. Database searches revealed putative functions for several identified ORFs and further indicated that øO1205 is genetically related to a particular group of lactococcal phages. Three genes encoding the major structural proteins were identified on the øO1205 genome. The phage attachment site the bacterial attachment site and the two phage/chromosome junctions and attR were identified and found to contain a 40 bp common core sequence.


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