The haloalkane dehalogenase () gene from NCIMB 13064 was cloned and sequenced. Its comparison with the previously studied gene from GJ10 did not show homology. However, the amino acid sequences of the products of these genes showed approximately 30% identity and several of the catalytic amino acid residues were conserved in the NCIMB 13064 dehalogenase. A high level of expression was demonstrated in cells and this gene was shown to encode a dehalogenase with the activity against chloroalkanes of chain length C-C. Also, some dehalogenase activity against 1,2-dichloroethane encoded by the cloned gene was detected. The analysis of NCIMB 13064 derivatives lacking dehalogenase activity showed that the gene was located on the 100 kbp pRTL1 plasmid. It was also found that reversible rearrangements of DNA in the region may be responsible for the control of expression of haloalkane dehalogenase in NCIMB 13064. A number of repeated and inverted sequences which may cause genetic instability at the locus were found in the haloalkane dehalogenase gene region.


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