encoding a CH zinc-finger repressor protein involved in carbon catabolite repression, was found to play a role in non-sexual flocculation of Disruption of in a flocculent mutant strain of NCYC 227, resulted in a non-flocculent phenotype. Expression of on a 2 μ pRS426 vector in a non-flocculent strain, YM 4134, caused flocculation; on a high-copy-number plasmid caused intense flocculation in the same strain. Mutations in the and genes confer a flocculent phenotype in non-flocculent strains of and it has been shown that Mig1 can tether the Ssn6p-Tup1p complex to the regulatory regions of glucose-repressible genes. Mutations in in a background caused flocculation while double mutants of and did not flocculate. Based on these results, a model for the role of in flocculation gene regulation is proposed.

Keyword(s): flocculation , MIG1 , regulation and SSN6-TUP1

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