A physical and rudimentary genetic map of the strain 35000 genome was constructed. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis was used to separate restriction fragments of DNA digested with I, I-l, or l plus I-Ceul. The sizes of the fragments were determined, and the circular chromosome was estimated to be 1757 kbp. The six I-l fragments and four l fragments were ordered into macrorestriction maps using Southern blot hybridization with random clones as probes. It was shown that both and the distantly related have six operons marked by the locations of the I-l sites. However, the two species displayed distinct I-l restriction patterns. A second strain, CIP542, displayed an identical I-l pattern to that of 35000, but l digests of the two strains were distinct. The orientation of the six operons was determined and thirteen identified genes positioned on the map of strain 35000.


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