The periplasmic cytochrome content of has been shown by immunological detection to be strongly dependent on the mode of growth. Cells grown under anaerobic, denitrifying conditions or methylotrophically in the presence of oxygen contained substantially more cytochrome than cells grown aerobically on multicarbon substrates. A similar pattern was observed when expression of the gene (encoding cytochrome ), was monitored using an alkaline phosphatase gene () fusion as a reporter of promoter activity. The increase in expression observed during growth on C substrates was substantially diminished if succinate was also present. These results reveal that expression of is subject to multiple regulatory controls and suggest that cytochrome has a general role in electron transfer to periplasmic reductases required for anaerobic denitrifying growth and from dehydrogenases required for aerobic growth on C compounds. Two major transcriptional initiation start points for the gene have been identified.


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