The mRNA-capping enzyme (mRNA 5′-guanylyltransferase) gene was cloned from a genomic DNA library by functional complementation of a Δ null mutation. This gene, referred to as (), can encode a 52 kDa protein that is highly homologous to Ceg1p. in a single-copy plasmid complemented the lethality of the Δ null mutation and, like Ceg1p, bacterially expressed Cgt1p was able to form a stable complex with the GMP moiety of GTP and to synthesize the cap structure demonstrating that is the mRNA 5′-guanylyltransferase gene. seemed to exist as a single copy in the genome and was actively transcribed into mRNA. Another ORF was found in an opposite strand very close to the locus. This gene shared significant sequence homology with the gene encoding ferric reductase, and therefore was designated ( ferric-reductase-like gene 1). Despite its sequence homology with mRNA was not induced by iron deprivation, and did not complement the slow growth of a Δ null mutant in the absence of iron, suggesting that is functionally distinct from


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