the producer of the cyclic lipopeptide antibiotic daptomycin, was shown to be a suitable host for molecular genetic manipulation. does not appear to express significant restrictic barriers based upon bacteriophage plaque formation studies. Plasmid DNA can be introduced into by bacteriophage-FP43-mediated transduction and by conjugation from The streptomycete transposons Tn and Tn derived from IS transpose in and Tn-induced transposition mutants altered in the production of daptomycin, red pigment or black pigment were identified, and mapped to and l fragments. Three auxotrophic mutations ( and ) were identified among 100 individual Tn insertions. Alignment and physical mapping of several Tn insertions in l-E and l-B fragments was facilitated by the presence of l and l cleavage sites in Tn


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