Southern hybridization analysis revealed that there were three loci within the genome of the causative organism of ovine footrot. These loci and were isolated on recombinant lambda clones, and comprised 16S, 23S and 5S rRNA genes closely linked in that order. Sequence and primer extension analysis revealed the presence of putative genes encoding tRNA and tRNA within the 16S-23S spacer region, as well as a number of potential regulatory features. These elements included a single promoter, which was mapped upstream of the 16S rRNA gene and which was similar to consensus promoter sequences, an AT-rich upstream region, a GC-rich motif that may be involved in stringent control, leader and spacer antitermination sequences, sites for ribonuclease processing, and a putative factor-independent terminator sequence. Potential open reading frames (ORFs) were identified within the regions flanking the loci, with identical copies of the 3′ terminal ORF present downstream of each rRNA operon. Determination of the complete sequence of the 5S rRNA gene, and derivation of the 5S rRNA secondary structure, further substantiated the 16S rRNA-based placement of within the gamma division of the .


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