The responses of the autochthonous soil and aquatic organism, to UV radiation wavelengths (UVA, 320-400 nm, and UVB, 280-320 nm) has been investigated in this study. mutants were found to be more sensitive to both UVA and UVB radiation than were their isogenic RecA parents. Introduction of a low-copy-number plasmid containing the cloned wild-type gene restored UVA and UVB resistance to mutants. The concentration of RecA protein increased twofold 120 min after exposure to either UVA or UVB radiation, suggesting induction of expression of the gene by these wavelengths. In this study, we found that a functional RecA protein is required for activation of D3 prophage in lysogenic cells following exposure to UVB radiation. Prophage were not induced by exposure of their hosts to UVA radiation. Induction of damage-inducible genes in response to UVA or UVB irradiation was also shown to be RecA dependent. These data indicate that the gene plays a role in the response of to exposure to wavelengths of UV radiation found in the solar spectrum.


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