SUMMARY: Triosephosphate isomerase (EC from Lactococcus lactis was purified to electrophoretic homogeneity. Approximately 3 mg purified enzyme (specific activity 3300 U mg) was obtained from 70 g (wet wt) cells. In solution, triosephosphate isomerase (pl 4·0-4·4) was observed to exist as a homodimer (M 57000) of noncovalently linked subunits. The sequence of the first 37 amino acid residues from the NH-terminus were determined by step-wise Edman degradation. This sequence, and that of a region conserved in all known bacterial triosephosphate isomerases, was used to design oligonucleotide primers for the synthesis of a lactococcal tpi probe by PCR. The probe was used to isolate a molecular clone of tpi from a γGEM11 library of L. lactis LM0230 DNA. The nucleotide sequence of tpi predicted a protein of 252 amino acids with the same NH-terminal sequence as that determined for the purified enzyme and a subunit M of 26802 after removal of the NH-terminal methionine. Escherichia coli cells harbouring a plasmid containing tpi had 15-fold higher triosephosphate isomerase activity than isogenic plasmid-free cells, confirming the identity of the cloned gene. Northern analysis of L. lactis LM0230 RNA showed that a 900 base transcript hybridized with tpi. The 5′ end of the transcript was determined by primer extension analysis to be a G located 64 bp upstream from the tpi start codon. These transcript analyses indicated that in L. lactis, tpi is expressed on a monocistronic transcript. Nucleotide sequencing indicated that the DNA adjacent to tpi did not encode another Embden-Meyerhoff-Parnas pathway enzyme. The location of tpi on the L. lactis DL11 chromosome map was determined to be between map coordinates 1·818 and 1·978.


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