The CAM (camphor degradation) plasmid is integrated into the chromosome of PaW-line strains and is not selftransferable as a plasmid via conjugation. Our results show that the mobilization of chromosomally located CAM and the integration of -operons into the chromosome of the new Cam transconjugants is a -independent process mediated by transposons Tn (17 kbp) and Tn (7·2 kbp). Transposon Tn is apparently identical to the left-hand and the right-hand sequences of the TOL plasmid pWWO transposon Tn. The insertion of Tn inside the left-hand terminal IR of Tn completely inhibited the mobilization of CAM. According to our data transposons Tn and Tn together with CAM plasmid catabolic operons are integrated into the chromosome. We propose that in eseudomonads the transposons Tn and Tn play a key role in the evolution and spread of new catabolic plasmids in nature.


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