The gene of coding for a single-stranded DNA-binding protein (SSB) was cloned in from a genomic library. It restored the UV resistance and the rate of cell division of an mutant to the same extent as the cloned gene did. An mutant with deleted was viable with the gene provided on a single-copy-number plasmid and had the same cell division rate as with the gene on the same vector plasmid. The recovery from UV damage of an excision repair deficient () mutant deleted for the gene was identical with the gene from or , suggesting full substitution in recombinational DNA repair of the homologous by the heterologous SSB protein. The nucleotide sequence of the gene revealed that the SSB has 81% amino acid sequence homology with the SSB and only 58–63% with various plasmid SSBs. The data provide evidence that the bacterial chromosomally coded SSBs and the plasmid encoded SSBs constitute separate groups.


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