Three nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and , were shown to contain large amounts of triterpenoids of the hopane series. In , the major compound was a novel bacteriohopanepentol ether accompanied by a similar bacteriohopanetetrol derivative: in both compounds, the hopanoids are linked via an ether bond to a carbapseudopentose moiety often found in bacterial hopanoids. In the two species, diplopterol and 2β-methyldiplopterol were accumulated in much larger amounts than those usually recorded in hopanoid-producing eubacteria, while 2β-methyldiploptene was isolated for the first time from Whereas in aminobacteriohopanetriol was the only C hopanoid, the simultaneous presence of bacteriohopanetetrol and aminobacteriohopanetriol in is a rather unusual feature.

Keyword(s): Azotobacter , Beijerinckia and hopanoids

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