SUMMARY: A new Vi-phage type of , T4904, is described. The homologous typing phage (phage 4904) was prepared from phage D6, a host-range mutant of Vi-phage II. The new type belongs to the E group and consists of type E1 carrying the determining phage d6. The formula E1(d6) has therefore been assigned to it. The host range of phage 4904, the homologous typing phage, is considered in relation to the structural formula of T4904. This formula fully explains the ability of the phage to lyse strains other than T4904. The general aspects of adaptation of Vi-phage II to new Vi-types of are discussed. It is shown that the older attitudes to this subject require modification in the light of recent work. The applications of the results of study of the temperate type-determining phages to the solution of practical problems in Vi-phage typing are described.


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