SUMMARY: An organism able to grow in a simple medium with creatine as the main C and N source was isolated from garden soil and subsequently identified as Chester. Organisms harvested from a creatine-containing medium destroyed creatine with the uptake of O and the formation of CO, NH and urea. With the exception of urea the quantities of reactants fell short of those required by theory, and only part of the deficiency could be attributed to oxidative assimilation. Optimal conditions for the growth of active organisms and for the destruction of creatine were determined. In these conditions the organisms destroyed, in addition to creatine, only arginine and agmatine from a variety of compounds tested; compounds not attacked included creatinine and glycocyamine. Ability to oxidize creatine was partially lost during repeated washing and storage of the organisms, and was inhibited by -chloromercuribenzoic acid and fatty acids.


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