SUMMARY: Suspensions of non-proliferating produced HS from thiosulphate in the presence of pyruvate or acetaldehyde. Production of HS was slight in the presence of α-ketoglutarate and α-ketobutyrate. Organic acids such as malate, fumarate, succinate, lactate, formate and acetate, aldehydes other than acetaldehyde and monohydric alcohols either had no effect or inhibited HS production from thiosulphate. HS was not produced from sulphite, bisulphite or sulphate, either in the presence or in the absence of the above-named compounds. Crude cell-free extracts of produced HS from thiosulphate in the presence of pyruvate. Experiments with dialysed extracts showed that inorganic phosphate, Mg ions and cocarboxylase were essential for HS production. Treatment of the extracts with anion exchange resin revealed that in addition, coenzyme A was indispensable for HS production from thiosulphate. The addition of DPN to extracts dialysed or treated with anion exchange resin did not influence HS production to a marked degree.


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