Summary: The sequence of a 292 bp segment of the DNA encoding 16S rRNA (corresponding to positions 44-337 of the 16S rRNA sequence) was determined for each of 40 four banana Blood Disease Bacterium, three and two strains. Phylogenetic relationships derived from comparison of these sequences to each other, and to equivalent 16S rRNA gene sequences from other bacteria present in the EMBL databank, conform well with those obtained previously by DNA-DNA/rRNA hybridization experiments. The 16S rRNA sequence of the Blood Disease Bacterium was identical over the 292 bp to one of the four sequence groups of suggesting that these pseudomonads are more closely related to each other than to or Sequence data comparisons allowed construction of an oligonucleotide specific for and the Blood Disease Bacterium. Use of the specific oligonucleotide with a non-specific oligonucleotide in the polymerase chain reaction enabled 1-10 cells of bacteria in this group to be detected after 50 rounds of amplification by visualizing a 287-288 bp product on agarose gels.


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