Summary: The 2.55 kb plasmid, pRJ5, confers constitutive resistance to macrolide–lincosamide–streptogramin B (MLS) antibiotics. pRJ5 is nearly identical to the inducible MLS resistance plasmid pT48, and has homology with the plasmids pE194 and pSN2. The III-C and/or d-B fragments were required for stable maintenance of the plasmid and probably carry . Plasmids pRJ5 and pT48 were shown to belong to the same incompatibility group, Inc12 (L). DNA sequencing showed that pRJ5 contains a 28 bp direct tandem duplication in the leader/attenuator region of This is likely to change the secondary structure of the methylase mRNA, allowing constitutive expression of The type of mutation found on plasmid pRJ5 is different from those observed in similar 2.5 kb constitutive MLS-resistance plasmids isolated from other Gram-positive bacteria, including staphylococci.


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