Summary: The gene of 8325-4 was cloned. Sequence analysis and the phenotype of directed plasmid insertions 5” to suggest that is located in an operon and that it maps 3” to the and genes. A revised consensus sequence for the gene product EPSP synthase binding site for its substrate (phosphoenolpyruvate) and an inhibitor (glyphosate) is proposed. An insertion mutant isolated by allelic replacement was employed in genetic mapping experiments which demonstrated the gene order in I fragment A of the 8325-4 chromosome. The ::Tc mutant required aromatic amino acids but remained independent of -aminobenzoic acid (PAB). This could be due to the insertion being located close to the 5” end of the gene, allowing expression of a truncated protein. The PAB independence may explain the finding that the mutant was not attenuated in mouse infection experiments. It was not possible to isolate a null mutant in


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