Summary: A plasmid, designated pFS1, has been identified for the first time in a strain of The plasmid is 16 kb in length. It is sensitive to digestion by DNAase I, restriction endonucleases and exonuclease III, but resistant to RNAase A and λ-exonuclease. A restriction map of the plasmid has been constructed, demonstrating its linear nature. The linear DNA molecules of pFS1 are attached at their 5” ends to a protein which can be cleaved by Pronase. No homology was detected between pFS1 and chromosomal DNAs from a number of different strains. Also, hybridization between pFS1 and total DNA from SCE2 plasmid-cured derivatives does not occur. The plasmid seems to be cryptic since strains harbouring pFS1 and the cured derivatives have the same phenotype.


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