Summary: The methylenomycin biosynthetic gene cluster was previously shown to be present on the 350 kb giant linear plasmid SCP1. The structures of SCP1 in various A3(2) strains were analysed by pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). A3(2) strains 1147, M138 and M146, previously genetically characterized as SCP1, contained the free form of SCP1. 1984 and 2106, earlier characterized as SCP1′- and a stable donor respectively, were found to contain very large linear plasmids, 550 kb and 1700 kb in size. Strain JCM4979, another SCP1 derivative of A3(2), had a series of SCP1-related linear plasmids of 390–630 kb. The integrated states of SCP1 in SCP1-NF strains, an NF-like strain and a stable donor were confirmed by PFGE, which revealed a lack of the intact SCP1 termini. In addition, a 70 kb linear plasmid was found in SANK95570, another methylenomycin producer. However, the plasmid was shown by hybridization to a methylenomycin resistance gene not to carry the methylenomycin gene cluster of this strain.


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