Summary: A gene encoding alginate lyase (ALY; EC was isolated from a library constructed with the cosmid vector pHC79 and 3AI-digested genomic DNA of sp. OS-ALG-9. Successive subcloning of the -containing cosmid enabled us to locate the gene on a 2.3 kb fragment. Nucleotide sequencing of this fragment revealed a single open reading frame (ORF) of I365 bp. The directly determined N-terminal amino acid sequence of the ALY protein purified from sp. OS-ALG-9 was found in the amino acid sequence deduced from this ORF between nucleotides 282 and 366. Expression of was induced by IPTG in and leakage of the enzyme into the extracellular milieu was significantly enhanced by addition of glycine to the growth medium. The ALY enzyme had a greater specificity for the homopolymer of mannuronate than for that of guluronate.


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