Summary: The temporal expression of ten clustered genes required for carotenoid () and bacteriochlorophyll () biosynthesis was examined during the transition from aerobic respiration to anaerobiosis requisite for the development of the photosynthetic membrane in the bacterium Accumulation of and mRNAs increased transiently and coordinately, up to 12-fold following removal of oxygen from the growth medium, paralleling increases in mRNAs encoding pigment-binding polypeptides of the photosynthetic apparatus. The and genes, in contrast, were expressed similarly in the presence or absence of oxygen. The regulation patterns of promoters for the and genes and the operon were characterized using transcriptional fusion and qualitatively reflected the corresponding mRNA accumulation patterns. We also report that the gene product, encoded by a DNA sequence previously considered to be a portion of , shares 49% sequence identity with the nuclear-encoded Cs chloroplast protein required for normal pigmentation in plants.


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