Summary: 5-Methylthioribose (MTR) kinase catalyses a key step in the recycling of methionine from 5′-methylthioadenosine, a co-product of polyamine biosynthesis, in In defined medium lacking methionine, exhibits abundant MTR kinase activity. When the bacterium is transferred to a medium containing 10 mM-methionine, the specific activity of MTR kinase decreases in a fashion consistent with repression of new enzyme synthesis and dilution of existing enzyme by cell division. The specific activity of methionine synthase decreases to a similar degree under the same conditions. In and , the gene for methionine synthase is co-ordinately controlled as part of the methionine regulon. Taken together, our results indicate that a methionine regulon may function in and that expression of MTR kinase may be under its control.


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