Summary: 5-Aminosalicylate (5AS) was converted to L-malate, pyruvate and ammonia by cell-free extracts from sp. BN9 in the presence of glutathione. In the absence of glutathione, 5AS was oxidized to the ringfission product -4-amino-6-carboxy-2-oxo-hexa-3,5-dienoate (-ACOHDA). Glutathione catalysed the spontaneous isomerization of -ACOHDA to its -isomer. The same reaction was catalysed by light and by acidic conditions. -ACOHDA was enzymically deaminated to fumarylpyruvate (-2,4-dioxo-5-hexenoate). The -ACOHDA hydrolase was induced after growth of sp. BN9 with 5AS, but not after growth with acetate or nutrient broth. At the fumarylpyruvate stage, the metabolism of 5AS converged with a pathway described for the degradation of gentisate. Fumarylpyruvate was cleaved by sp. BN9 to fumarate and pyruvate.


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