Summary: The thermal stabilities of the methylamine and methanol dehydrogenases of varied, depending on the conditions in which the organism was grown. Methylamine dehydrogenase activity was more stable in extracts of cells grown on methylamine plus NH or on methanol plus methylamine than when methylamine provided the sole carbon and nitrogen source. In contrast, the methanol dehydrogenase activity in extracts of methylamine-grown cells was more stable than that from cells grown on medium containing methanol with either NH or methylamine as the nitrogen source. The stability of thermolabile forms of the dehydrogenases present in extracts of mutants which have temperature-sensitive defects in the oxidation of C compounds also varied with the growth conditions. When cosmid pAD833, which complemented these temperature-sensitive mutants, was present during growth of the wild-type strain on methylamine, the thermal stabilities of both methylamine and methanol dehydrogenases increased. However, the effects of subclones of pAD833 were complex and our results indicate that the DNA region carried on this cosmid encodes gene products which can both increase and decrease the thermal stability of enzymes involved in C metabolism.


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