Summary: The sequence of a 4.4 kbp region of DNA from 168, lying between sporulation genes and , has been determined as part of the genomic sequencing programme. The region contains three genes with high sequence similarity to the , and genes of . The products of these genes are likely to catalyse various steps in the formation of the precursors for peptidoglycan synthesis in . The regions at 133° on the standard genetic map of the chromosome, and in the 2 min region of the genetic map, are now shown to contain a large cluster of functionally related genes. Although the linear order of the genes in the cluster is conserved, three genes that are present in the chromosome, and which are likely to be essential for peptidoglycan synthesis in both organisms, are absent from this region of the chromosome. In general, the cluster differs from that of in having more extensive intergenic regions, with less potential for translational coupling.


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