Summary: The region contains genes essential for growth on glycerol or glycerol 3-phosphate (G3P). The nucleotide sequence of encoding a regulatory protein and the previously unidentified encoding the glycerol uptake facilitator was determined. is located immediately upstream of and the two genes were shown to constitute one operon which is transcribed separately from . A σA-type promoter and the transcriptional start point for were identified. In the 5” untranslated leader sequence (UTL) of mRNA a conserved inverted repeat is found. The repeat is believed to be involved in the control of expression of by termination/antitermination of transcription, a control mechanism previously suggested for the regulation of encoding G3P dehydrogenase. Expression of and requires the inducer G3P and the gene product. A 2.9 kb chromosomal DNA fragment containing the open reading frame was cloned to give plasmid pLUM7. pLUM7 contains a functional gene as shown by its ability to complement various mutants. Immediately upstream of an open reading frame is found (ORF1). Disrupting ORF1 by plasmid integration in the chromosome does not affect the ability to grow on glycerol as sole carbon and energy source. With the present report all genes located at 75° on the chromosomal map have been identified.


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