Summary: Lipase of 9 was purified from culture supernatant fluid. Two polypeptides (51 and 43 kDa) were detected by SDS-PAGE, of which the 43 kDa polypeptide reacted with anti-lipase serum. The 9 lipase gene () was cloned in and localized to a 2.1 kb sequence by subcloning and transposon mutagenesis. The nucleotide sequence of (2064 nucleotides) was determined and the predicted amino acid sequence of the encoded lipase (77 kDa) identified. A 97 kDa lipase was detected in extracts of harbouring and in post-exponential-phase culture supernatant fluids of 9. Data presented indicate that the lipase behaves anomalously during SDS-PAGE and that a pro-lipase is proteolytically processed in cultures of 9 during growth.


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