SUMMARY: Macrophage (Mø) chemiluminescence (CL) induced by interaction with the two types of colonial variants of was studied. A smooth, opaque and dome-shaped (SmD) colonial variant triggered more intense Mø CL than did a smooth, transparent and flat colonial variant (SmT). Mø CL-inducing activity of the SmD variant was reduced by heating or by treatments with either Pronase P, some endoglycosidases or Tween 80, thereby indicating that the SmD variant possesses Mø CL-inducing substance(s) having peptide, sugar and/or lipid-like moieties. Treatment of the SmD variant organism with some endoglycosidases, such as cellulase, pectinase, dextranase or α-amylase decreased its Mø CL-inducing ability. On the other hand, Mø CL-inducing activity of the SmT variant was not affected by any of above treatments except that it was slightly increased by Pronase P treatment and reduced by α-amylase and dextranase.


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