Seven mosquito-specific strains of isolated in Japan were examined for their flagellar(H)antigenicities and the properties of parasporal inclusion proteins. They were assigned to six H serovars: serovar sis (H3ade); serovar (H 5ac); serovar (H 10); serovar (H): serovar (H 22); and an undescribed serovar belonging to H serotype 20. Purified parasporal inclusions exhibited moderate mosquito larvicidal activities with LC values ranging from 1 μ;g ml to 10 μ;g ml. The inclusions of these strains consisted of highly heterogeneous multiple protein components, and five distinct patterns were evident in their SDS-PAGE profiles. Antibodies against inclusion proteins were reactive with all strains to varying degrees, while antibodies gave only relatively weak reactions with the seven strains. Similarity in antibody-binding profiles was associated with similarity in SDS-PAGE profiles. In a given strain, different antisera gave altered immunoblot profiles. Haemolytic activity was shown by solubilized parsporal inclusion proteins of five of the seven strains.


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