SUMMARY: Two new segregants, PPW1-1 and PPW161-1, of were isolated from the stock cultures PaW85(pWW0) and PaW85(pWW0-161). Strain PPW1-1 had lost its ability to grow on -xylene but was able to grow on -toluate. A deletion of the left-hand of transposon Tn, including the -operon genes, had taken place in plasmid pWWO11, isolated from strain PPW1-1. Additional deletions were observed in pWWO after ‘benzoate-curing’ (plasmids pWW0, pWWO, pWW0). The genes of the -operon and beginning of the -operon were deleted from pWW0-161, isolated from strain PPW161-1. Despite this deletion, cells of PPW161-1 grew on all normal TOL plasmid substrates. The Tol phenotype was stable in cells of PPW161-1 growing on benzoate. We propose that this is because in cells of strain PPW161-1 the catabolic genes deleted from pWW0-161 were integrated into the chromosome at the site where the (chromosomally encoded) -pathway genes are located, resulting in the inability of the cells to use this pathway.


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